Russian TGirl Dema Makes Her Debut!

Photographed by: Teodor Grekov

Featuring: TGirl Super Model: Dema

Hello World & welcome to the next installment of Femout International . Today let’s all sit back – unzip – & welcome TGirl Super Model Dema . I thinks it’s kinda cool the each saturday is the Femout International day over at Femout XXX and once more we have a pleasure to introduce another Grooby Newbie coming from Russia! Meet pretty Dema ! Just discovered by Teodor Grekov, Dema is a super cute girl with a hot body and an amazing ass! Watch her stroking her cock and showing off that perfect – tight lil body!

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TGirl Super Model Naraya, Listen To Her Mighty Roar & Watch Her TGirl Cum-Shot!

Photographed by: Jack Flash

Featuring: Naraya

Hello World & welcome to the next installment of Super Sexy Grooby Girls . Today let’s all take out our Hard Daddy Cocks and welcome Naraya ! . With this set now up over at Black TGirls don’t you think you should join to support her fantastic efforts? Naraya smashing comeback was without a doubt one of the best things to happen on Black TGirls recently. Are you ready for more of this gorgeous Florida starlet? She’s back today once again and she’s ready to give you so much more! In another smoking hot scene produced by Jack Flash, beautiful Naraya strokes her sexy TGirl cock just for you! Enjoy!

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Short School Girl Uniform – It’s Krissy4u – Naughty Asian TGirl Getting That Sexy Ass Wrecked By A. Savage!

Hello World & welcome to HUMP Day! We have some special & very exciting news about Our Favorite Tranny Slut – Krissy4u Naughty Asian TGirl is heading back to school! Wearing her short lil skirt and of course a pair of White Stockings. The 6 Inch Come Fuck Me High Heels Our Favorite Tranny Slut is wearing, well that’s Krissy4u – Naughty Asian TGirl “Thing”. The members of her site love seeing her act so slutty and with the new addition of a “Guest ShutterBug” Mr. Phil O’Viridae…. Well – Let’s just read what Krissy has to say over at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian TGirl .

Hiya Members 🙂 – A few changes coming to Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl from now on. First, I’m going to start having my videos filmed for me, which should give you all more of those juicy close up shots that just aren’t possible with a camera set up on a tripod. As of right now, I’m probably not going to have photos taken professionally, but I’m going to try to have either a solo scene or hardcore scene per week shot by my new video person, Phil O’Viridae. This scene is the first that he has shot for me and as always, we’re open to your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism… we want to film what you want to see!

I’m giving Phil a few times to get comfortable with shooting me with a regular camera and then we’ll start shooting VR stuff as well… so you have a few weeks probably to get yourself set up for some sexy 180 degree, 3D VR coming to the site soon!

You’ll also notice a couple of changes to the “intros” of the videos, and I’m going to start actually using titles to the scenes from now on for easy reference.

There are a couple of other changes coming to the site but mostly just behind-the-scenes stuff that you probably won’t notice. Anyway… I’m excited about having a camera-person and I hope this will really increase the quality of your experience here on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl. Please give Phil a big ol’ thumbs up and let him know you appreciate his work :)… tough job, right? And as always, let Archer know that you appreciate him lending me his cock to play with too 🙂

Kisses, Krissy

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TGirl Super Model Lisa Is Here To Take Care Of Mr. Stiffy – Nurse Lisa At Your Service!

Photographed by: Hiro

Featuring: TGirl: Lisa

Hello World & welcome to The Hard – On Clinic… I do see that you meet the requirements to our lil establishment. Please follow me into exam room 69 and remove all your clothing. Nurse Lisa will be here in a few moments to get you all nice and comfy.

OMG – I do love Cosplaying TGirls & our man on the street Hiro-san from TGirl Japan seems to have a cosplaying streak too. I hope you’ll all sit back and let the gorgeous & oh so Kinky Nurse Lisa take care of all your TGirl Desires! I’m sure she’ll take extra good care of Mr. Stiffy with her stunning body, small natural boobs, a great ass and a delicious cock!

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TGirl Super Model Poy – So Sexy!

Photographed by: Frank

Featuring: Poy

Hello World & welcome to your TGirl Loving Zone – Today our man Frank has located another Hottie for Franks T-Girl World . This lil Hottie calls herself Poy and she’s ready to make all the right moves for her Daddy to enjoy! Wearing a sexy lil number that shows off that perfect tight body. Watch as Poy prances across the screen & when the camera is ready to click – watch this all natural cummer as she explores her body with her fingers and is completely owned by her own touch. She then works towards her cock and prepares for one sexy TGirl cumshots!

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TGirl Goddess – Please Welcome Smooth & Creamy Valentina Mia~

Photographed by: Radius Dark

Featuring: Valentina Mia

Hello World – You know, It’s always amazing to have gorgeous Valentina Mia back with us! Ever since this cutie made her Grooby Debut she has been one of our favorites! Today, she returns for the first time in 2019 in a brand new solo scene shot by Omar Wax and she looks stunning! Watch her stripping, showing off her amazing body and playing with her cock!

Texas Sweetheart and multi-racial Goddess, Valentina Mia is the epitome of grace and charm, but let her body do the talking. Standing in at 5’5″ and 115lbs, Valentina is “fun-sized”, but don’t let her petite physique fool you; her uncut glory stand true to the adage: “everything’s bigger in Texas”.

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Here Comes The Luscious TGirl Pat!

Photographed by: Terry

Featuring: LadyBoy Pat

Hello World – this luscious vixen LadyBoy: Pat comes from Issan in Thailand and she definitely knows how to make you hard as rock. LadyBoy: Pat loves to take a hard cock down the throat and to get fucked hard! You gotta check her shocking debut over at LadyBoy-LadyBoy – What a Hottie!

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Adult Bookstore Slut its Krissy4u – Naughty Asian TGirl – Enjoy Her Slutty Ways~

Hello World & welcome to HUMP Day! Things have been hopping over at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian TGirl since the beginning of the year. I’m here-to-tell-ya the members of Our Favorite Tranny Slut’s site are thanking there lucky stars. It’s the first hardcore scene of 2019 this week on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian TGirl … and it’s a good one! Come watch Krissy being a horny little slut at the local adult theater… sucking cock and getting that tight ass fucked hard!

Directly From Krissy: “The only thing that could have made this evening more fun for me is… a lot more guys! There were a couple of guys watching but just one wanted to play with me. Actually, that’s probably a good thing because he really worked my ass pretty good with his nice cock, and ended up shooting a hot load of cum all over my face. Yup… a pretty good evening, indeed!”

Our Favorite Tranny Slut Enjoying A lil Cummie~

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Yes – There Are Other Local Hard Cocks In The Room Off Camera – Bottom Left 😉

TGirl Sensation Mohka Latte – In A Scene That I’ll Call: The Art Of Porn~

Photographed by: Bob

Featuring: Mohka Latte

Hello World & welcome to a lil update that truly deserves the Title The Art Of Porn . Our man on the street Bob from BOB’S TGirls teamed up with TGirl Sensation Mohka Latte and the way Bob’s tell it – I got into an experimental and artistic mode for this shoot. Mohka was all for it and we had a fun time during the shoot. We really liked how the combination of light colors reflected off her skin and her shiny black boots. I hope you all enjoy it.

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TGirl Porn Goddess Safari Star Enjoys A Hard Cock For Some Kinky Fucking!

Photographed by: Omar Wax

Featuring: Safari Star

Hello World & welcome once again to your Free TGirl loving zone… Go ahead and kick back, unzip and have a lil one-on-one time with these sexy Grooby Girls From TGirls XXX ! Today for youe Hard Daddy Cocks the gorgeous Safari Star returns for the first time in 2019 and that’s not all – she’s back with a brand new hardcore scene produced by Omar Wax! Sexy and horny as always, This TGirl Bombshell is ready to get that sexy ass of hers pounded hard! Here comes Adonis Couverture with his big hard dick to give her exactly what she needs! Watch sexy Safari over at TGirls XXX as she enjoys some nice pounding in this smoking hot hardcore scene!

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