Luna Love IS Grooby Girls Model 2000!

Photographed by: Buddy Wood

Featuring: Luna Love

2000 Models for your viewing pleasure now up over at Grooby Girls . That’s on average 90 new models a year or 7.5 new models every month for the past 23 years. Although considering the early years, when they updated once or twice a week, girls were hard to find, sometimes the Grooby Girls were waiting for new content right up to the wire as it was so difficult to get content, I believe most of these 2000 came in the last 15 years. Now they get 50+ applicants a week for the US based sites alone. Grooby Girls remit has always been to show the widest range of attractive trans woman that they can – whether that be brand new girls, or established stars and they’ve always been open to showing models of different body sizes, stages of transition, from different areas, niches, types and roles. The site has no equal – and I don’t believe ever will. Grooby Girl #2000 is the beautiful Luna Love! Go Get Some 😉

Join Grooby Girls & Have A Blast With Luna Love & All Her New Grooby Friends~

This Girl Rocks! Click Away & Join In On The Fun~

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